Welcome to the Center for Research in Energy and Mechatronics, which is part of the Institute of Mechanics, Materials and Civil Engineering at the Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium.

Mechatronics denotes the simultaneous and integrated combination of techniques deriving from mechanics, electricity, electronics, as well as control and computer sciences, used to design more reliable and more competitive products.

This multi-disciplinary approach requires an effective interaction between the various disciplines involved in each study phase. The mechatronic methodology aims at reaching an optimum, which cannot be obtained by a classical approach that is mainly sequential and compartmentalized.

Our center combines its various fields of expertise in solving the technological challenges arising from new applications.

Our approach

The modeling, design and prototyping of mechatronic devices involving sensors, actuators and control systems is central to the CEREM concerns, whatever the final goal: academic or industrial.

In various fields, like mobile robotics, medical robotics, biomechanics, vehicle dynamics, aeronautics, or high performance actuation, the goal of the CEREM is to grasp the problem specifications and propose an integrated and optimal solution.



We are mainly active in 4 research fields:

Electrical Power Systems

Medical and Bio- Robotics

Multibody and Multiphysic Modeling

Optimal Design Approaches

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